Establish a proper referencing-paradigm (as preparation for GC-implementation)

In the last days I tidied up a lot reference-related stuff and clarified what reference-types the type-conversion methods deliver. Before starting with the actual GC-work, much clean-up regarding ordinary reference-counting needed to be done, especially related to singletons and pre-allocated small integers and length-one strings/unicode-objects (characters). Both CPython and Jython do pre-allocate such frequently used small objects and I felt these caches should be linked to improve conversion-performance. Now the integer-conversion methods check whether the integers are small pre-allocated objects and if so establishes a permanent linkage between the CPython- and Jython-occurrence of the converted object.

More important: I established some rules regarding referencing and worked out their JyNI-wide appliance.

- JyObjects (i.e. JyNI-specific pre-headers of native PyObjects) store a link to a corresponding jobject (as of the very beginning of JyNI-development). It is now specified that this is always of JNI-type WeakGlobalReference. Accordingly I re-declared the JyObject-struct to use jweak-type instead of jobject.

- The conversion-method
jobject JyNI_JythonPyObject_FromPyObject(PyObject* op)
now is specified to return a JNI-LocalReference. If this is obtained from the jweak stored in a JyObject, it is checked to be still alive. If so, a LocalReference is created to keep it alive until the caller is done with it. If the caller wants to store it, he must create a GlobalReference from it, see
for more details on JNI-references. The macros JyNIClearRef and JyNIToGlobalRef are now provided as efficient helpers in this context.

- The conversion-method
PyObject* JyNI_PyObject_FromJythonPyObject(jobject jythonPyObject)
now consistently always returns a *new* reference, i.e. the caller must decref it after using it. (GIL-free mode will be another story, but will most likely just ignore ref-counting, so the decref command won't harm this mode.)

These rules clarify the usage of the conversion-functions. Fixing all calls to these methods JyNI-wide to comply with the new semantics (having to use decref or JyNIClearRef etc) is still in progress. However having this referencing-paradigm specified and cleaned up is a crucial initial step to implement a proper garabge collction in JyNI.

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